Lean-To Renew has full insurance coverage for commercial and residential products and services so you can rest assured your project is fully covered.

Lean-To Renew is committed to staying up to date on the latest, most energy efficient technologies in boiler controls and solar thermal, all while remaining committed to finding budget-friendly solutions.

Peter Ohirko, Lean-To Renew founder

Peter Ohirko, Master Plumber Gasfitter, started Lean-To Renew Inc. in 2009 with the desire to help homeowners and commercial business owners create highly efficient hot water heating systems that minimize energy consumption and maximize long-term cost savings. 

Peter is an expert troubleshooter with a proven track record for diagnosing and repairing plumbing issues that many others have deemed unsolvable. He has great pride in his work and prioritizes client needs which is why many of his first  clients continue to trust Lean-To Renew Inc. to fulfill their project’s plumbing, gasfitting, and hot water heating needs.